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   Information I have collected on my family so far
(family Bible & Newfoundland Archives)
Beginning with my Great Great Grandparents...

married at Mose Ambrose
Children - LEVI WELLS (my Great Grandfather)
born 1876 in New Harbor, Newfoundland
Elizabeth born 1859, Amelia born 1860, Joseph born 1864, Charles born 1867,
William born 1869, Jonathan born 1871, twins James and Ann born 1873, Isaac born 1879.

This is all the information of Levi's parents or his siblings, I have so far.
If you have further information on my WELLS family line, I would greatly appreciate this knowledge to pass on to our family.

Great Grandpa Levi married Julia Cox

JULIA COX daughter of John Cox and Elizabeth ?
born about 1882 in Terrenceville, Newfoundland
Siblings - George, Steven, William, Bess, Margaret, Minnie
As written in Aunt Maggie Wells Family Bible

(Obtained from Nfld Site) Possible desendent of
Elizabeth Cox (1737-1827),
Her name has been handed down to succeeding
 generations as "Grammar Cox". She was the mother of nine-teen children
 and these with their descendants spread themselves over sections of Fortune
 Bay and along the Coast to Channel and further. The male descendants
 roved from Grand Bank nearly a century ago but some of them are here
 today in the Welsh's, the Francis', and the Matthews', and other families.
She may or may not have been born at Grand Bank,
possibly her husband was an Englishman.

- - - - -

Great Granparents Levi and Julia WELLS Children

JIMMY (JAMES) WELLS born about 1897
Children according to a letter sent to Nana Laura after the WWII
Frank and Susie
(Possible more children were born have no further information at this time)

ISAAC WELLS born about 1898 and married Annie ?
Their children
Emily, Margaret, Minnie, Matilda, Georgie, Alma, John & Tom (fraternal twins), William & Archibald (fraternal twins), and Wilson.
As my cousin shares (child of one of the above names), Two of the sons and one daughter live in Grand Bank, Nfld, another son lives in St. John's Nfld and another daughter lives in California. The rest are deceased, as well as Uncle Isaac and Aunt Annie. But many of my cousins from Uncle Isaac and Aunt Annie live in Newfoundland to Albeta and we keep in touch as often as our busy lives allows us.

GEORGE WELLS born about 1903
Children Raymond, Jonathan, Aubrey, and ?
I believe through conversations with cousins he had more children. I have been told he worked on the ferries out of Port Aux Bascques, and North Sydney. He was a painter and some of his art work was actually viewed on the ferries. ( I wonder if they are still aboard the ferries?).

ALICE WELLS-COOMBS born about 1905 married Walter Coombs
Their children according to a letter sent to Nana Laura after the WWII
Lillian, Jessie, Georgina, Billy and a baby girl
(Possible more children were born have no further information at this time)

MARGRET (MAGGIE) WELLS-HARRIS born about 1909 married Robert Harris
Their children told to me in conversations with cousins
Elsie, Robert, George, Charles, and Dermot
I have wonderful conversations with these cousins and can ask for more information if you believe you are related. As disclosed some have passed away, some live in Newfoundland, Ontario, British Columbia.

STELLA WELLS-MATTHEWS born about 1915 married Bob Matthews
Their children
Aubrey, Frazer, Almeta, Leonard, Emma, Claude, Levi, Henrietta,  Roberta, Gary, Max, Maude, Robert, and Marie.
I have been blessed with communication with these cousins too and through communication our family is growing into a circle of much kinder connections. It is so incredible, the power of family.

AUBREY WELLS born November 25, 1914, married Laura Hardyman Oct 16, 1936, Belleoram, Nfld. died Nov 16, 1944 WWII.
Their children
Aubrey and George.
This is where I entered our clan, me and my 4 brothers. Aubrey is my Dad.

JOE WELLS born about 1918
Conntact with Uncle Joe after WWII was that of the yearly Christmas cards, as he moved out west. It is believed he never married and/or had children and passed away out west (British Columbia).

I have just learnt of this great Uncle, so at this time I have no information...



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