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Researching the following surnames:
Paternal -
Cousins -
Coombs, Harris, Hicks, Matthews, Moulton
At this point my main search is of my paternal roots.

Bless all my Family.
As I get to know all my WELLS cousins
one beauty remains solid with each one us,
we are all cut from the same blood line of love and kindness.
It is truly amazing what is passed through family genetics.
Sure there is the appearance continuation, big ears, brown eyes, etc.
But more amazing than that
are personality traits like that of being:
loving, warm, friendly, kind, giving,
brave, adventurous,
musical, hard working, loads of energy,
and down to earth souls.

I thought I was born into a small family,
in both my mother and father families.
Oddly enough my entire growing up years
I was always drawn to friends that were born into large families
(6 or more children).
I also had a constant desire to find where I belonged.
Believing my Dad's family consisted of only
Grandpa Aubrey Wells,
who passed away in WWII.
I had assumed Dad and Uncle were it
for my Wells connections.
Grandpa's passing away broke Nana's heart,
therefore was too sensitive a topic to be talked about.

I knew of my mother's scottish and irish family,
as her family history has been documented back to the 1600s.
I know much of my marternal connections, a few family historians.
It's great knowing and they inspired me to dig for my father's family.
Which began the quest to learn more about grandpa
Aubrey WELLS.

To my enormous surprise, I learnt from Nana Wells
Granpa Aubrey Wells was of a large family,
My heart sank as it was impossible for me to get back
to my birth place in the maritimes
and dig around for more Wells family information.
Until my helpful children talked me into investing in a computer
and introduced me to the World Wide Web.

Huge Hugs and Thank Yous
to the many individuals that have helped me
and pointed me in the right direction.
As I stumbled and tripped my way through online geneology data,
I learnt loads on the history we all came from,
the enormous plight all our ancestors endured.
But finding actual family was discouraging.
After much surfing, reading, writing every possible connection,
the miracles began, I met cousins.
We are writing, exchanging photos, telephoning,
and hoping to meet each other for the first time one day soon.
The Lord has answered my prayers. I know this to be true,
because that emptiness in my heart has disappeared.
I have found my circle of family and my place in that circle.

Never give up searching for your family.
Chances are they want to be found.
There is a fine line between
the circle of life and the circle of family.
All my best to you now and always in connecting your circle.
If ever I can help you, please ask and
I will do my best to help you on your journey.



My Wells Family

For it is God who
Works in you to will
And to act according to
His good purpose.
Philippians 2:13 NIV

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